Tuesday, 23 February 2016


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500 word Self-evaluation.

A self-evaluation of my own work based on my judgment of its feel, quality and overall standard. The inspiration that motivated me to pick David Ho as my subject of study is mostly due to the fact that he does an illustrative style of work, and it is also in my interest. His dark, semi-fantasy style also seems a very interesting style to rework into my own. For my project, personally I feel that it can be better finished. It was my own fault that my pen-drive died on me and I did not have any back-up files. So I had to start a lot of my other projects from scratch leaving no time for this one despite already nearing the finalizing stages of work on this project. For the First Image, I tried to make it dreary yet charming at the same time, giving full view of the character’s face and also teasing viewers on the unexplained scar on her face. Making her cry tears of blood has its own reasons as well which will be explained in the presentation. She then moves to the second frame, showing a giant of a man holding his heart out to her. This picture shows the differences in roles played by both characters. His size indicates strength and shows that he is as a guardian, and her small stature makes he look vulnerable. I highlighted both the heart and her to provide a focus point while blurring the man to provide depth. The Third Picture indicates that she was merely playing him, with the removal of her mask showing the emptiness and pain inside. The hollow of her soul reaches out and embraces him, growing in the empty place that used to be his heart. Contrast was aplenty here to give her a standout appearance and the roots are placed semi-symmetrically to indicate the steadiness of the growing emptiness. Fourth Picture Shows the growing roots from the hollow in his chest. This picture is quite badly made in comparison to the rest as it doesn’t seem to indicate very much. Also colour quality is questionable. Fifth picture shows That the roots have become a tree growing ever larger with a small fruit shaped like a skull appearing from one of the branches. This picture is no longer centralized as I had to focus on the tree and not the person. Sixth Picture shows a worm-eye view of the man, with the fruit and tree both growing larger and more of his body turning tree-like. Seventh Image shows that the man has almost been completely taken over by the tree, with his body slowly warping to a tree itself. This one is my favourite piece, with nice colours and contrast in the presentation of the characters. Final image shows that the Fruit ripened enough to ‘hatch’ and it shows yet another girl, born of pain emerging from its shell. This shows that pain never ends. Overall, my pieces can be improved, if I had not made that stupid mistake. 

Final Progression

These will be all the final images used for the final video. All in it's final form.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Audio Sample

I've been meaning to upload an audio sample for this project and I've managed to compose a small clip for my assignment and I've done so with AudioSauna to produce this:

Friday, 27 November 2015

Progression 2 (PIS) Andy, Sweii

Yet another progression based on Sweii's critique last week. I have done some illustration on the chose Key frame and I've decided to fully stick to the representational illustrative concept.

Utilizing ideas from Sweii on providing several variations on the illustrations, which are to further provide a different approach on having the same message with a different illustrative outcome.

Also this is one of the variations(not yet completed)

Woman has not yet been highlighted and the fruit isn't complete yet either.

Progression (PIS) Andy, Sweii

The following are the pictures I made for the Assignment. I've decided to use visual symbolism and a slight representational approach on the material. I will also be fully illustrative and focus on the characters in the pctures(much like David Ho does) and here they are.

 This one is the first picture and it will be based on the story flow.

Woman has tears of blood to show sorrow but a the same has a face with a suspicious crack at the sides indicating a facade.

And this one here depicts the man as both protector and victim(his size to hers says it all)

Representational ripping out of the heart to show his dedication to the woman.

Idea and Rationale (PIS)

            My apologies first of all for posting this late as I have only now acquired my domain from Shinjiru. 

           The project I'm working on is "Vision and Wonders" and the 2-D contemporary artist I'm portraying is David Ho. Facts about David and the works he does:

1. Dark and disturbing
2. Moody and occasionally unnerving
3. Exudes depressive feelings
4. Filled with negative emotions like sorrow, hate and suicidal implications.
5. Uses tones instead of color to portray the full emotion behind each picture.

Here's a sample:
 A wonderfully nasty piece of work eh?

This is where my idea kicks in. I plan to make a STORY based on a personal experience about heartbreak and pain, as it also portrays David's style and work.

I therefore am going to adopt his dark visual style as well as displaying a grim message in my own illustrative style as well. Musical selections ought to be sad and/or emotional. Will be continuing work on the pieces I've already started.